Thanks for coming over!

Hi everyone! If you have been a regular or occasional reader of my blog, I’m grateful that you were interested enough to make the switch over to WordPress with me. Don’t be a stranger!

I needed a bit of a hiatus from the blogosphere to reevaluate and see where I really want to go with this. One of my last posts on Blogger concerned the changes in reader patterns and the way news is absorbed with the huge increase in social media use in the last year, particularly with Twitter, but also Facebook, to some extent. The American Conservative Union’s Lisa dePasquale, who is also the organizer of the yearly Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) recently Tweeted that she rarely reads blogs or even news stories much anymore that she isn’t linked to on Twitter. I hadn’t really thought about it much, but upon contemplation, found that I have fallen into much the same pattern.

So to blog or not to blog? Ultimately, I have concluded that I want to keep doing this for my own personal enjoyment, as much as anything. Blogging does not afford the immediacy of Twitter or the friendly associations and exchanges of information that Facebook makes possible. But it is a more extensive outlet for my opinions, for starters…AND I have some more things that I really want to work on, now that my Master’s studies are over and the holidays are upon us, hopefully with a little spare time. More on that later!

The downside of taking a break from writing is that it was rather an eventful time to do it, what with the election of Republicans to the Governor’s mansions in Virginia and NEW JERSEY, the dustup in New York-23 resulting in Dede Scozzafava dropping out of the race and endorsing the Democrat Bill Owen who was almost beaten by the Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman who actually may have beaten Owen and has just unconceded the race today, the attack on Fort Hood followed by the spectacle of President Obama addressing a conference crowd for nearly 2 full minutes including a shout-out to one of his buddies before saying the first word about the atrocities committed that day…yes, it’s been quite a newsworthy two weeks. Oh, and Sarah Palin wrote a book. Which is being released tomorrow. I think I sense a blog post forming…


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