A quick and transitional year-end note

About an hour ago, I started doing a blog post of year-end remembrances and just made the decision to scrap it. I now know why very few political bloggers engage in this type of exercise; it is HARD. I suspect those in other fields (such as movie critics) who do Top 10 lists at the end of each year probably labor over them for hours. I don’t have that luxury right now; I have family obligations this evening and tomorrow, I’m heading to spend the rest of Christmas break with the other side of the family. I enjoy being with them, but they still only have a dial-up Internet connection (remember those ancient times, back in 2006 or so, when that was all MANY of us had?)

But beyond that, although 2009 has been an amazing year for me, it is simply more interesting to me to write about my viewpoints on recent events and their ramifications. And if I am not engaged in what I write, more often than not, no one else will be, either.

I started blogging in March of 2008 and I only have two significant regrets. One was that I really didn’t have a focus to my blogging from the beginning, although it did quickly turn political in nature. The second is that I have put it on the backburner to such an extreme extent for the last 2 to 2 1/2 months.

Blogging, however, has indirectly led to my exposure to so much else. Because of this blog, I have immersed myself in the world of politics in a way that I at one time would never have thought possible. I have met and interacted with people this last year at conferences and networking events that share my passion for conservative philosophy put into action. 2010 is shaping up to include even more of the same.

And plainly and simply, I love to write. I am not the best writer out there, for sure, but the quality of my wordsmithing improves as I practice the craft. This is a very convenient, low-stakes way to do that, while occasionally experiencing feedback from those who either like what I say or contest my premises.

The time has come, though, for the moment of truth. The month of January is going to be the final test for whether or not this blog continues. I have some new things I want to try here, some notions I want to explore and some ruminations I want to exchange. But that has been the case ever since early fall and still, not much has occurred.

I will return on January 4 and plan to blog regularly in 2010.  If, however, January 31 arrives and I have not averaged at least 2 posts a week, then the time has come to permanently shift my focus to other endeavors than the weblog. This will be my third attempt to seriously reengage at blogging. If it doesn’t work out, then it was fun while it lasted. But I hope for a more positive outcome!


One thought on “A quick and transitional year-end note

  1. I enjoyed this blog. I feel the same way. I wasn’t really sure what my purpose or focus was going to be when I started and I’m still not sure. I had just been told by a former student that Tucker Max (who I understand is completely immoral, but obviously popular among the young readers) got a book deal based on what people had read through his blog site. I have heard this happen to many writers. That is my ultimate goal: to publish my own work to a greater audience, whether it be in the form of a novel or collection of short stories or a song that makes it to Nashville. I thought I would blog one time a week, but then I got so much positive feedback, that I felt compelled to write every day . . . that goal quickly diminished with “life”. I plan to join you in this blogging endeavor and make a reasonable goal for me to post really quality material at least once a week, possibly twice, as the mood strikes me. Look forward to writing more and to reading more of your thoughts.

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