Why I fight (and, incidentally, why I’m back at this blogging thing)

It happened again the other day.

I was sitting in Big Ben’s Coffee Shop here in Kokomo, at a fundraiser for Jackie Walorski, the Republican candidate for Congress in our 2nd District here in Indiana. Jackie is one of a kind…pure human dynamite, a dominant force, an unceasing spiral of energy. She is at home in all environments, whether holding forth in a stem-winder of a speech in front of hundreds at a Tea Party rally or, as was the case this time, in a more intimate setting, with a dozen people seated around her, sipping a frappe, while conducting a Q & A.

I don’t recall what the question was in this instance, although it never really matters; Jackie always has an answer and provides several minutes of targeted commentary that reveal her grasp of the topic. I was probably Tweeting or uploading a photo, but I have a hunch the discussion must have turned to the health care bill. Jackie reeled off a whole series of consequences that will inevitably unfold if the President’s unfettered ambitions aren’t checked this November by Democrat losses.

AND…that’s when I heard the two middle-aged ladies just behind me and to my left.

Female #1 (voice slightly quavery): “Oh, that’s awful. Horrifying.”

Female #2: “Surely the Rapture will happen before then so the Lord won’t make us go through all that stuff.”

Female #1: “Oh goodness, let’s hope so!”

At this point, two things simultaneously occurred; I started doing a slow burn and the voice inside my head began screaming insistently, “NO, Glen, NO!! Just act like you didn’t hear them.” But being who I am, I never for a moment actually considered listening to such a warning; instead, I turned and said to Lady #1, “Don’t bank on it!”

In a closely related occurrence, I was sitting among my Sunday morning group of young married couples a couple of weeks ago. Current issues were being verbally dissected, including the state of the economy, both domestically and internationally, as well as the crisis of financial confidence in which much of the world is gripped. The prevailing consensus among some, once again, was that surely the end of days is upon us and the Rapture is likely pending at any moment.

I shared with my friends that the focus of my planning tends to be different. If Christ is coming to take all believers to Heaven any moment now, why should we worry about any earthly developments, no matter how negative and widespread?

But take a whirl at this: What if He isn’t? What if, rather than reaching an imminent fiery demise, the story of this world and God’s plan for it is merely in the beginning stages? Furthermore, what if God has entrusted us with the greatest experiment in human freedom ever unleashed in history…and we let it slip away while waiting for deliverance out of the fluffy clouds from the mundane trials and fingernail-soiling labor of preserving the Republic?

I am an evangelical Christian. As such, I believe that one day, Christ will return to earth and rule over a Kingdom of love, joy and everlasting peace. But on all too regular of a basis, I see the pernicious effects that a nascently pessimistic pre-millenialist outlook has fostered among evangelical Christians today. Many talk a great game, but when it comes down to actually getting out on the front lines and joining the fight for freedom’s cause in this nation, my fellow believers are AWOL. A bunker mentality that seeks only to ride out the storm until Jesus yanks us all out of this god-forsaken realm has usurped the militancy of America’s Founders, who were convinced they did God’s work in the world by standing up to tyranny and injustice.

Maybe I am wrong. But those who close their eyes, lean back and wait for Gabriel’s trumpet have no way of proving they are right. This nation has survived desperate times in the past. Imagine what the citizens of our country must have thought as we entered World War I (which Woodrow Wilson had won re-election in 1916 promising not to get us into), emerged to a steep recession in 1921, succumbed to a decade of miserable depression from 1929-1939 and then faced an attack on our own shores, plunging into the global conflagration of World War II?

But we fought. We endured and won. We fight again today. AND WE WILL ALSO BE VICTORIOUS IN THIS BATTLE.

I have always loved politics and history, so some of the activities in which I engage come somewhat naturally to me. Yet, on November 4, 2008, we elected the most radically left-wing President in our history and I found myself asking how this could happen. I determined to do whatever I had to, to go wherever the journey took me, in order to ascertain how our electorate had reached this state of affairs and learn how to help take my country back.

So I campaign for candidates in my state like Marlin Stutzman and Jackie Walorski. I donate to and support those in other states like Marco Rubio in Florida, Ken Buck in Colorado, Rand Paul in Kentucky and Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania. I befriend and constantly confer with fellow conservatives and Constitutional activists. I read voraciously, from books by Thomas Sowell, Arthur Brooks and Milton Friedman to daily commentary on Red State and Townhall.com. I listen to talk radio and watch the news. I teach my children how blessed they are to live in the greatest country in the world.  And I’m having the time of my life doing all of it!

And then, there’s this blog. I laid it aside once the Senate primary ramped up to the point where I simply had no time to comment on politics because I was too busy participating in it! But I have missed it. I’m not sure how much of a difference my blogging makes. Sometimes, I’m not sure it has much effect at all; blogs, after all, are a dime a dozen anymore. But it is part of my effort, as one person in this struggle for our liberty.

So I’m back! I challenge everyone who reads this not to blithely settle for the conclusion that it all will end soon anyway, no matter what we do. That is the path to sure and certain loss of all we hold dear. This fight is ours to wage. In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan:

 “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.”


3 thoughts on “Why I fight (and, incidentally, why I’m back at this blogging thing)

  1. Excellent article. Thanks for daring to step out and voice a “nontraditional” evangelical opinion. Keep up the good work.

  2. What a pleasant surprise! Glad you are back! I find when I start think too deeply or too long about “end times” it takes the fight right out of me. Why toil an labor when it is all about over? What can one person like me do anyway? Sometimes it all feels overwhelming and I have to put it on a shelf to take care of my “real” life. Sometimes I can’t think about it at all. But I do pray. I pray for evil to be exposed, for revival to fall, safety for our country and for our leaders. Keep up the good work!

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