Keith Olbermann hates me. Ergo, I’m deliriously happy.

I knew Keith Olbermann was unstable. I just wasn’t aware of the extent of his paranoia or that I would ever be impacted by it.

So there I was, Tweeting away, minding my own business, while working in an online class. (OK, all right already. I admit I was doing a lot more Tweeting than overseeing student activity.) Being on Twitter close to midnight or after is always an exercise in hilarity. Everyone is slightly giddy and punch-drunk with silliness, but obviously not yet headed for slumber, for a variety of reasons. And it shows.

I had conversed a little a few minutes prior with a fellow conservative activist and blogger whose actual name I do not yet know, though we have followed each other for a while; she goes by the Twitter handle @JennQPublic. (Note for the uninitiated: On Twitter, you don’t add someone as a friend like you do on Facebook, hoping they accept your friend request. You just click and “follow” them, enabling you to read all their Tweets. Ideally, they follow you back, but it doesn’t always work that way.) Jenn even blogs under that name at David Horowitz’ NewsReal Blog, a fantastic site with scintillating commentary that you should be patronizing regularly.

Anyway, Jenn and I had talked briefly and moved on when I saw a Tweet from her flash across the feed. Something caught my eye and I looked closer…She had Retweeted a response to her by none other than Keith Olbermann. Turns out that NewsReal has created a compilation of Olbermann’s 5 All Time Greatest Meltdowns and is charitably making it available to the public. Jenn had evidently Tweeted about this and used Olbermann’s Twitter handle (@KeithOlbermann) while doing so, ensuring that the august “news anchor” himself would get tweaked in the process of the new product being unveiled.

It worked (I suspect, beyond Jenn’s wildest dreams). This was KO’s Twitter response to Jen:

“@KeithOlbermann: @JennQPublic the picture is of @chrislhayes. #fail #everythingconsercativefails.”

(Another quick Twitter tutorial: The pound (#) sign before a word or succession of words with no spaces is what is known as a hashtag in the Twitterverse. #Fail is one of the most well-known hashtags in existence and is regularly applied to whatever the frustration of the moment may be: long waits for the DC Metro, failure of the iPhone to function properly, a lukewarm cup of Starbucks, etc. #Everythingconservativefails was Olbermann’s attempt at irony, humor, hipness or a combination of the above, which didn’t, er, quite hit the mark…)

Perhaps partly because he didn’t spell “conservative” correctly, which I’m sure you immediately noticed. Jenn did and RT’d (Retweeted) Olbermann’s Tweet immediately for all of her followers to see, adding a little jab in the process:

“Like your spelling of “consercative”? RT @KeithOlbermann: @JennQPublic the picture is of @chrislhayes. #fail #everythingconsercativefails.”

I hit the RT option at that point and rippled Jenn’s Tweet out to my followers, affording them all with yet more opportunity for further Olby mockery. At this point, I assumed the fun of the moment had dissipated and began a message to Jenn, complete with exclamation over how insecure a wealthy network TV personality would have to be to lash out over such a minimally invasive bit of repartee targeted at him…when in popped this Tweet. Yes. Right at ME. From Keith Olbermann:

“@glenasbury Correct! My worst failure ever. Hit the “c” instead of the “v”. If I were Rush I’d be telling you it was Obama’s fault.”

I met, I saw, I conquered.

Keep in mind that a few minutes prior to this, I had received a message that one of my favorite authors, Thomas E. Woods, Jr., is my newest Twitter follower. I had automatically assumed that my day had hit a ceiling in terms of personal gratification. But to get under the skin of Keith Olbermann takes exuberance to stratospheric levels. It is worthy of its own new dictionary addition. Feel free to coin a term, but a warning: it must adequately convey the charge of unparalleled joy that accompanies such an accomplishment.

Since it is exceedingly unmannerly not to reply to one’s penpal and leave them in the lurch, I did my duty and answered Keith with the following Tweet:

.@KeithOlbermann It’s more of a pot & kettle situation, Keith. Probably best not to misspell when you’re dinging someone for inaccuracy.”

I’m still waiting, but Keith hasn’t written back yet. I have a feeling it’ll be a while.

In the meantime, please enjoy the most glorious Keith Olbermann memorial ever, coincidentally featuring one of my least favorite actors whom I grew to adore, based solely on the following 10 minutes.

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