Racism and the Tea Party, Part II

I would stipulate that the vile New Black Panther Party videos, specifically the ones featuring the raging maniac Samir Shabazz, have already received excessive media coverage. Except they really haven’t, in some sectors that matter. Or more accurately, once were relevant, but are now on the verge of bankruptcy.

In his Talking Points Memo Thursday night, Bill O’Reilly showcased Newsweek’s latest diatribe (I refuse to call it reporting) against anyone daring to weigh in on the NBPP story. David Graham, the young 24-year-old skull full of Duke University mush that Newsweek has assigned to this particular beat, says the story is a “trumped-up attempt by conservatives to embarrass the Obama administration.” Moreover, he intuited the following burst of insight:

“As voter-intimidation exercises go, it wasn’t much…It seemed like the sort of incident that happens at dozens of polling places every election day, then quietly recedes.” Graham compares the NBPP controversy to the “flimsy” case against ACORN, which, according to Graham, hasn’t amounted to much. One wonders what alternative universe these fledgling old-media types inhabit when they archly refer to the fallout of a crime as “minimal” after its exposure resulted in the collapse of the entire enterprise, as occurred when the explosive ACORN videos went viral.

MSNBC contributor and “Daily Dish” guestblogger David Weigel, recently terminated from his blogging gig at the “Washington Post” for profanely mocking the conservatives he was hired to cover, is also typical of this strand of commentators. He similarly downplayed the New Black Panther videos as much ado about nothing. In fact, states Weigel, anyone who lives in DC becomes quite accustomed to the same style of invective in front of MTA stations on a regular basis.

Speaking of MSNBC, go ahead and mentally run down your list of favorite cable personalities from that bastion of objectivity. While you’re at it, do likewise for CNN. I can’t claim to know this from watching, but to the best of my knowledge, they have yet to roll any video of Samir Shabazz or cover the New Black Panther Party’s case dismissal by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. Not a whisper over their airwaves. (And yes, I’ll be happy to retract this if anyone can prove otherwise.) I do know that as of this moment, there are no stories, even archived, on either website, about the New Black Panther Party.

(In case you somehow have not seen the video in which Samir Shabazz calls for killing “white crackers,” as well as “some of their babies”, watch it here.)

There are clearly two narratives that have taken shape in public discourse, concerning the New Black Panther Party and the evil they represent. The first includes those such as I have detailed above, who are guilty of committing twin sins. They not only downplay what the New Black Panther Party is and neglect even to mention Eric Holder’s Department of Justice’ refusal to prosecute them. Dissatisfied with that failure of due diligence, they divert accusations of racism towards Tea Party members and conservative activists who, in their narrow worldview, obviously hate a black President because they oppose that President’s policies and are vocal in doing so.

These willfully ignorant, yet blissfully glib commentators find nothing worthy of condemnation when Samir Shabazz, his face contorted with murderous hate, takes to the street to call for the slaughter of white Americans. Nor do they see anything extraordinary when the leader of the NBPP, Malik Shabazz, is exposed as a bin Laden sympathizer. Yes, Osama. That bin Laden. Somehow, although the offenses continue to mount from these extremists, for the useful idiots who are tools of the race mongers (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Michael Eric Dyson, et. al), no rhetorical measures within their own ranks are ever sufficient to atone for the past sins of white Americans.

There is another group of observers who feel the New Black Panther videos tell a far more disturbing story about the undercurrents at large in the United States. We espouse what Thomas Sowell refers to as the “tragic view” of history, rather than the “vision of the anointed”, possessed by our opponents. Those who hold the “tragic view” argue that we should study our history and learn from it, as opposed to adhering to blind and rigid dogma, even though the “anointed” intelligentsia clings to those orthodoxies as the intellectual fads of the hour.

If, indeed, we examine the not-too-distant history of this country, we see a decade of extreme unrest where violent perpetrators such as the Weathermen and yes, the Black Panthers, wreaked havoc in major cities. Ellis Henican of Newsday stated dismissively on “Fox News Watch” last weekend that “even the old Black Panthers think these New ones are crazy.” Precisely…although Ellis and I evidently view this fact through diametrically inverted prisms.

Have we not learned from the past? Words carry weight. Ideas have consequences. Yes, the New Black Panther Party is numerically deficient. The German Nazis, the Chinese Communist Party and the American Ku Klux Klan, at one time, also were merely a vocal minority.

I just finished Thomas Sowell’s latest book, Intellectuals and Society, a book highly worth your purchase, even if dollars are tight (as they usually are for me). The next to last chapter is titled “Intellectuals and War: Repeating History.” It is headlined with a quote from that great Cold War-era stalwart for freedom Alexander Solzhenitsyn (God rest his soul). The timeliness was stark and startling.

“The timid civilized world has found nothing with which to oppose the onslaught of a sudden revival of barefaced barbarity, other than concessions and smiles.”

The NAACP would do well to shine a light on its own ideological deviants, rather than seeking to change the subject. They would be well advised to cleanse their own Temple before maligning the Tea Party as bigoted and racist. I won’t hold my breath. Now two weeks into the whole controversy, I just Googled “NAACP condemns New Black Panthers.” I came up empty.


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