Twitter Personality of the Week #1! Brittany Cohan

            I can’t claim to remember when I first met Brittany Cohan and there’s an excellent reason for that. I haven’t yet! But the line between face-to-face conversation and virtual dialogue has blurred in the last few years to the point that there are a good number of people whom I have to remind myself that I haven’t yet encountered in person. Brittany emblematically fits that profile.

            I actually don’t recall when I first found Brittany’s Twitter account either, but the first memory I have of interacting with her was during a hashtag game of #TruthsLeftiesHate, probably sometime last fall. Once again, I and her 4,475 (latest count at press time) other followers have discovered that this is vintage Brittany. She effortlessly skewers the opposition, but always with a dash of fun and humor and never (or at least, with very rare exceptions; see her answer to Questions 4 and 8) permanent vindictiveness.

            It would be wrong, however, to imply that Brittany is all fun and games. She is unfailingly serious about advancing the conservative movement and the ideas that animate it. Brittany may only be 26, but she brings an exceptionally focused and wise-beyond-her-years perspective to any conversation in the Twitterverse in which she chooses to become involved. She is gifted with a keen mind that intuitively grasps the necessary truth that implementation of conservative ideas will require years of dedicated effort. It’s a long range strategy; it won’t happen overnight. We hope she’ll be a part of the journey that makes it all a reality, for decades to come!

            You can follow Brittany on Twitter under the handle @bccohan! Forthwith then…10 Questions for our first Twitter Celebrity, BRITTANY COHAN!

10 Questions for Brittany Cohan


1.     As best you remember, how did you first find out about Twitter and what led you to become involved in the Twitter community? 

I guess you could say there are two start points.  I joined Twitter, at first, because when I was working on the McCain campaign in 2008, I had been informed that it was a great way to network and connect with the voter base.  At the time, I still thought it was merely a perpetual status update and a lesser version of Facebook (boy, was I wrong) and made an account then, but never used it. When I finally broke down and got my first smart phone (I, honestly, am a tech dunce) nearly a year later, I downloaded a Twitter app and began to observe how Twitter functioned. I realized it was way more than what I thought it was and was instantly hooked. 

2.     Give us a brief Brittany Cohan bio?

Well, my education isn’t in politics; my degree is in elementary education with an emphasis in U.S. History and a minor in Biblical theology.  I toyed with the idea of going back for my secondary credential and teaching high school political science–I always viewed politics as living history and know there is a need for fair-minded political science teachers (especially in California where I was planning on teaching). 

Problem was, the campaign bug bit and I got involved with the McCain campaign in Orange County.  After the 2008 election, I worked for a city’s after school program and continued my grassroots work via social media, but when the opportunity came again to get involved in a campaign, I couldn’t resist.  So I guess that brings you up to speed; one’s biography is pretty short when you are as young as I am. Ha! 

3.     What does being a conservative mean to you?

Being a conservative, to me, means preserving the rights of the individual and allowing everyone the opportunity to achieve their dreams.  I often joke that the end game of liberalism is for everyone to be equally poor. However, the way that the last couple years have gone, the joke isn’t quite as funny as it begins to become a harsh reality.  The simplicity of being a conservative is the beauty of it: you get to make choices for yourself, rather than the government making the decisions for you.

4.     What do you see as your role in the conservative movement today and where would you like to be ten years from now?

I see my role in the conservative movement as being the anti-Meghan McCain.  (Did I say that out loud?) And as far as where I would like to be ten years from now, I have no idea what is in store, especially considering how much my life has changed in the past three years.  No matter what, I will still be yapping about politics in some capacity. Whether or not anyone is still listening is another thing, entirely!

5.     Tell us about your current gig, i.e., your day job? 

My current gig is doing social media and grassroots activism coordination for Mark Neumann, who is the conservative running for Governor here in Wisconsin. It is very rare in politics that you meet “the real deal”, and I have. Not only that, I get to work for him and help him get elected. Life is good.

6.     For those of us who haven’t met you in person, what do you think your close friends would say about you? (Feel free to include strengths, flaws, etc.)

If my friends were to be honest, they would say I am opinionated, chatty, stubborn and completely random.  I laugh a lot. I love to cook and play hostess. You would probably have to ask one of my friends for a better assessment, but I am sure a bunch of them will mention my affinity for throwing dance parties in my car. 

7.    Name some favorites: Books, movies, musical artist, vacation spots, holidays and a couple miscellaneous items of your choice.

I am a giant fan of Chick Lit (the literary version of a chick flick) and old movies. My favorite movie is “The Story of Us” (seriously, watch it) and a close second is “That Touch of Mink” (starring Cary Grant and Doris Day).  As far as music goes, I love Michael Buble and Matt Wertz…Lady Antebellum, too. And I love Christmas. Watching basketball all day, celebrating the birth of Christ and eating all day is a fantastic way to spend a day! 

8.    Who are 3 of your heroes/role models and why and who are 3 public figures who drive you nuts and why?  (Two questions in one, I know, but nobody ever said life is fair…hahahahaha!)

Heroes: William Wilberforce (a strong man who was far ahead of his time), Laura Bush (a most gracious woman and I would love to meet her someday) and my grandpa (if you met him, you would know why).  Random collection, but there you have it.

3 public figures that drive me nuts:

Kate Gosselin–in creating fame for her family, it was torn apart. I know her husband was a jerk, but in moments of crisis like that, you need to shut it down and she did the opposite.  My heart breaks for her children any time her name comes up on the news.

Meghan McCain- claiming youth and ignorance while slamming a political ideology you claim to espouse and then becoming the self-designated name for the youth movement drives me batty.  There is a right way and a wrong way to affect change within a party and she is going about it the wrong way. She in no way represents me or the young conservatives that I know.

Meghan McCain counts as two. Can you sense my frustration?

 9.   At what point in your life did you realize you were interested in politics?

 Trying to remember a time when I wasn’t!  My parents were always active voters and volunteers, so I was raised on it.  I was the 16 year old driving to lunch, listening to Rush Limbaugh and taking a senior-level political science class as an elective as a freshman.  I guess my viewing politics as living history, combined with always being fascinated with history created a love for politics and the political system that started way younger for me than it does for most.


10.      Tell us three things that would be on your “Bucket List.”

I never thought about a Bucket List.  I guess I would love to see the White House residence, go to Israel and maybe guest host for Rush. That would be fun for me, but I doubt the audience would enjoy it. Ha!


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