On the Road with Mike Pence #1

I have the privilege today of being on the campaign bus with Congressman Mike Pence. There is no one in American politics today anywhere whom I admire more…and he comes from my state of Indiana!

We have done two rallies so far, in Greencastle, for State House candidate Jim Baird and then on to Terre Haute for State House candidates Bob Heaton and Alan Morrison. Dr. Larry Bucshon and his wife, Kathryn joined us in Greencastle, as well and will be with us for the duration of the day. Larry is the Congressional candidate in Indiana’s 8th District and is heavily favored to win Tuesday; he will be replacing Democrat Brad Ellsworth, who is projected to lose badly in his Senate race against Dan Coats. So there’s net +1 right there towards firing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House!

Our first stop today, straight out of the chute, was at the Indianapolis airport, where Congressman Pence came onto the bus, directly from his DC shuttle. He boarded to uproarious applause from the bloggers, staffers and volunteers, gave a quick rah-rah welcome speech and then asked Chris to lead us all in a prayer for safe travels and God’s guidance.

Appreciate or disapprove (count me in with the former), this initial action of a brief, but heartfelt prayer fits the tone and tenor of the entire Pence crew. The Congressman has mentioned the need for a return to our Judeo-Christian values at both rallies, citing II Chronicles 7:14. I anticipate a repeat citation of this Scriptural admonition on multiple occasions over the next few days. (President Reagan’s Bible was opened to this passage during his first inaugural ceremony in 1981. He used his mother’s Bible when he took the oath; beside this verse, his mother had left a handwritten note: “A most wonderful verse for the healing of the nations.”)   

I have looked forward to the behind-the-scenes aspects of this 3-day tour as much as the rallies themselves and I have not been disappointed. Mike Pence is as friendly and energetic as he seems to be in his speeches, stopping repeatedly by each of our seats for brief chats, inquiries into whether we’re “holding up okay.” Everything reminds him of a story, which you would expect of a former radio personality. (Pence hosted “The Mike Pence Show” on WIBC in Indianapolis before winning his Congressional seat in 2000.                      

Mike Pence at Greencastle, campaigning for Jim Baird for State House and Larry Bucshon for the 8th District.

It is abundantly obvious that Mike Pence is taking nothing for granted on the few days that remain before Election Day. He has advised each audience thus far, “This rally is not about celebration. It’s about motivation. Go vote TODAY…then contribute time, dollars, whatever you can to making sure we see a victory on November 2.”


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