My Musings on Emotion in Politics

John Boehner wipes away tears as he waits to receive the gavel from outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (Photo courtesy of UK Telegraph)


                   This last November 2, my wife and I were on the drive home from the Indianapolis Election Night bash when John Boehner stepped to the podium to acknowledge the highly favorable electoral results. Since I was driving, I had no access to a TV feed, but Fox News Radio was on at full volume. Several sentences into his speech, I turned to Pam and asked, “Did his voice just catch?” In short order, the answer became unmistakably clear as Boehner broke down completely, while recounting his rise from humble beginnings to the threshold of the third most powerful office in the nation.

                Over the next few hours, I picked up from Twitter and elsewhere that John Boehner had a reputation for being prone to displays of emotion, but I was totally unaware of that, prior to Election night. Of course, his equally lachrymose interview with “60 Minutes” followed a few days later. By the time Boehner made his way down the aisle of the Capitol House chamber last week, the stereotype was fully locked in: John Boehner, the perennially tearful new Speaker of the House.

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