“Waiting for Superman” and School Choice Week

                 It appears January 23-29, 2011 is the first National School Choice Week ever to be observed across the United States. It isn’t arriving a moment too soon.

                I am a father of three daughters. As such, the opportunity of school choice is poignantly personal for me. But  my discovery of just how valuable this freedom is occurred at a bit later stage than for you might expect.

                Public education is, of course, free. At least, it does not cost, in terms of direct dollar outlays that families have to fork over outright. As my oldest daughter approached kindergarten age, because of the (rather typical for a middle-class American family) economic constraints that we were facing, I told my wife that I saw no good rationale for not sending our daughter to public school. Besides, I argued, we could re-evaluate on a yearly basis, dependent on our daughter’s progress.

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