My Newest at @Newsbusters:AP Claims Scott Walker Admitted Collective Bargaining Restrictions Won’t Save $$

While Scott Walker has become a hero to conservatives by taking on the public sector unions driving the state’s budget into the red, he is as close to universally vilified on the Left as any public figure in America today. Every proclamation and action from Walker is subjected to intense scrutiny. Thus, no doubt, there was much consternation when Laurie Kellman of the Associated Press reported that Walker had stated – in a Congressional hearing, no less – that restricting collective bargaining for Wisconsin public employees would not save the state any money.

That statement was, of course, contrary to a number of Walker’s claims made while trying to get his budget repair bill through the Wisconsin state legislature. So for him to admit that a prominent element of the legislation – which opponents had dubbed a “union-busting” provision – was not actually meant to be a budget-balancing measure amounted to a stunning admission on his part.

But there was just one problem with AP’s claim…

Please go to Newsbusters to read the rest!


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