A Few Words of Explanation

I have a grab bag of information I need to share and commentary I want to dispense. This seems like the optimal forum from which to do it, so I’ll list the various items one at a time.

1. For the second time in a month, I’m keenly aware that there is no “Twitter Personality of the Week” post. I have no other excuse to offer, other than that the month of May has been one of the most chaotic of my life, for several reasons. I have a fabulous feature in the can, just about ready to go up, but at this juncture, it is so late in the week that it just doesn’t make sense to post it now. So the operative plan is for the next Twitter Personality piece to go up on Tuesday, May 31. It’s a stellar name with whom you’re familiar if you are a presence on Twitter…and maybe even if you don’t patronize that particular social media platform!

2. I haven’t blogged in the normal sense of the word in weeks now. I regret that and hope to change it, especially as further riveting developments begin to occur in the 2012 field. I ardently admire my blogger pals like Jimmie Bise, Duane Lester, Jenn CaballeroStacy McCain, Jenny Erikson and others who are so relentlessly regular in their blog commentary. Rarely does a day pass when they aren’t weighing in multiple times on the issues and newsworthy personalities of the moment.

I aspire to that level of readiness to meet reader expectations and will forthrightly own my failure in achieving it, to date. No one needs to hear a blogger’s existential musings regarding who reads, follows, processes and how often. BUT you deserve a bit of a window into my planning process. Every blog post consumes seemingly twice the minutes as the time I initially allot for it, and there are always competing duties, as well as the nagging knowledge that others have already commented more profusely and eloquently on the subject under consideration than I conceivably could.

At the end of the day, though, I write because I must. I’m far from a top-tier wordsmith, but I enjoy brandishing the power of the pen/keyboard. And the lure of the arena of public debate is simply irresistible. So if I’m going to succumb to the siren song, might as well do so with more frequency!

3. I already alluded to this, but the last four weeks have borne unexpected challenges that have stretched my emotional and mental resources. All for the good in the end; I’m confident of that. But quite a taxing journey in the process, learning to cope with a new twist in life’s journey. I’ve become even more grateful for my beautiful wife, my precious children and the incomparable band of friends who sustain my spirit. You all make life not simply worth living, but profoundly exhilarating.

With that, good night and I hope to begin reporting from this forum with far greater consistency!


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