Twitter Personality of the Week #41: 10 Questions for Amelia Hamilton (@Gadsdenista)

Amelia Hamilton has one of the most mellifluous voices I have ever heard…warm, melodious and vibrant. Every time I hear her speak (and I have, on multiple occasions), I’m reminded anew that Amelia won’t completely fulfill the purpose for which she was born unless she regularly appears in a broadcast medium of some type. A voice like that should not be withheld from an adoring public!                                       

Amelia loves her Red Wings!

Amelia is one of those cheery conversationalists who seemed to emerge from nowhere and immediately begin to amass an impressive following. She generally seems to be squarely in the middle of a discussion, and keeps the Twitter rhythms grooving! Events, personalities, movies, food, religion…She tackles it all with sprightly pluck and joyous spirit.

This week’s questions and their resulting replies reveal that there is far more to Amelia Hamilton than 140-character bursts can disclose. The vocational and biographical details to which we’re treated reveal a woman of genuine substance, as well as lighthearted patter. Even if you have followed her on Twitter for some time now, chances are you’ll learn something that may surprise you.

Amelia contributes a sense of goodwill and perennially optimistic outlook to any gathering in which she chooses to participate. Really, who WOULDN’T welcome that pretty face and sunny disposition and invite her to pull up a chair and stay a while?

10 Questions for Amelia Hamilton

1. You are about to release your first children’s book! What is the title and theme?

Yes, I am! It’s called One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots. It’s a counting book to give children  a foundation of America from One Nation Under God through 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights.

2. For some time now, we have read your blog posts, listened to you on podcasts and followed your Twitter timeline. What are the current social media endeavors in which you are involved and what do you hope to accomplish through each of these outlets?

I write for The Landmark Report, Conservative Daily News, The Right Sphere and Liberty Ink Journal…when I’m not tweeting. I’m just hoping to spread the word and do my part to keep America the country that we love. 

At a shooting range in Los Angeles. Somehow, even with that high-powered piece of artillery, she doesn't look that threatening.

3. You have a Twitter handle that sounds as though you ought to hail from the South, but you come from the Midwest and live in the Western part of the country! What happened along the way?

Ah, my confusing Twitter handle strikes again! The name @ameliahamilton was taken, so I had to pick something else…Unfortunately, I realized it confused everyone after it was too late to change it. The name is actually not for Gadsden, Alabama but for the Gadsden Flag- “Don’t Tread on Me.”

 I grew up in Michigan, and went to college in Scotland. After finishing my Master’s there, I studied in London for a year.  I worked for a company back in Michigan while I was home on breaks throughout my time in Britain. While I lived in London, the company was opening a London office, and I worked with them as well. When I was finished with my studies in London, they offered me a job back home. After a couple of years, I was ready to leave my hometown and, with a few adventures along the way, have ended up in Colorado. I think I’m here to stay, but you never know what the future is going to bring. 

4. What is your full-time vocation and is it where you want to forge a career?

I’m a full-time writer, and it’s absolutely what I want to be doing. My “real job” is corporate communications and, as you mentioned, I have the book coming out this summer. My job allows me amazing flexibility to travel and work on my book while doing what I love. I took what I wanted to do for a career and figured out a way to make it work. 

5. What are some of your favorite movies to cover for #MovieswithAmelia and if you were doing the same with books, music, foods, etc., what would it look like?

Gosh, this is really going to reveal what a nerd I am!                      

Honoring Dagny Taggart, the heroine of "Atlas Shrugged," at a conservative rally in Denver.

My favorite movies are pretty wide-ranging. My favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life…but I also love The Godfather (Parts I and II; I prefer to think III never happened) and the Die Hard Movies.  If I had to pick my favorites, they’d also include Sabrina (the original, with Audrey Hepburn), It Happened One Night, To Catch a Thief and The Princess Bride. I tend to choose older mainstream movies that everyone has seen for #movieswithamelia because I want people to be able to follow along, even if they aren’t watching with us, and I HATE when people tweet spoilers. I figure that, if you haven’t seen the Star Wars Trilogy by now, you probably don’t care too much.   Spoilers are fair game at this point.

My favorite book in the world is Tom Jones, by Henry Fielding. What can I say? I have a thing for the 18th century. The Fountainhead is another of my favorites, and I named my company Fountainhead Communication after the book itself, and the themes therein.

I’m a country music girl mostly, but I also love some old-school Motown. That’s my Michigan roots showing again. Growing up, we had a juke box loaded with a lot of great 60s music, and it’s kind of stuck with me. 

I’m not much of a foodie, but really a steak and potatoes kind of girl. Throw in some wine and cheese and I’m pretty happy. I also love to bake, but baking gluten-free at high altitude is something I haven’t quite conquered yet. 

6. We both participated in a Skype book study for a few weeks. Because of this, I know that you’re conservative, but your Twitter feed really isn’t dominated by politics. How does all of that work out in your day-to-day life?

My Twitter started as a conservative outlet; I was dying to talk to like-minded people. As I got to know my Twitter friends better, the topics of discussion really branched out. My conservative beliefs are definitely a part of my day to day life. I didn’t realize how much those beliefs were a part of me until I moved to Scotland in 1999 in the midst of the Bush/Gore campaign. So, I was there for the election and recount, which was quite a political awakening. That, added to the socialized medicine, high taxes and everything that goes along with it, really cemented my conservative beliefs. I saw first-hand what comes next if we continue down this path and became determined to do what I could to fight against it. 

7. Can you name 3 positive influences (other than family) on your life, whether on your writing, your worldview or the trajectory of your life to date?                    

Ready for the Red Wings to bring home the Stanley Cup next year!

This is a tough one, because my family is my rock, and the people who have most positively influenced my life. If I can’t pick my family, I’ll pick three friends who are like family to me.

The first one who comes to mind is my friend, Sydney.  We’ve known each other since I was about ten, and she’s been with me through quite a bit. She’s a strong Christian Conservative, and I learn so much every time I talk to her. She’s also had quite an impact on the trajectory of my life. She gave me my first job at a small magazine when I was a teenager. That was my first taste of publishing, which started me on my career path. As for influencing my writing- I wrote my book for her son, who is like a nephew to me, when he was learning to count. She also pushed me to try to get the book published which, several years later, is about to happen! 

Another one is my friend Megan, who also challenges me to be a better person. I met her through the company that I started with in college and she has been an incredible mentor and friend. A wonderful thing about her is that she will tell me when I’m going wrong and give me the shove I need. Sometimes it’s easy to get comfortable on the wrong path, but she would never let me stay there. She is the person in my life who will challenge me to look at what I’m doing and help me formulate a plan for the next step. My life would have had a very different trajectory if she hadn’t been there to give me a gentle push when I needed it. 

Last, but not least, is Sarah. We’ve known each other since we were in figure skating lessons together at the age of six.  At this point, she knows me inside and out, and is my number one cheerleader. She’s happy for me when all is well, and will help me figure it out when I am lost in the woods. Sarah and I are complete opposites politically, so we can learn so much from each other and ensure neither of us can get stuck in an echo chamber of agreement. 

8. Ten years from now, what are some goals that you’d like to be able to look back and pronounce “Achieved” over the previous decade?

Hmm…what do I want to be when I grow up? This is a nice reflective question for someone who is mere weeks away from her 30th birthday. By 40, I’d like to be pretty much on the same track as I am now, actually. I hope I’m still a professional writer, although I’d rather be writing my books full time, since my passion is getting children educated about and interested in America. We need to grow little patriots so they’re ready to vote! I wouldn’t mind being married with a pack of kids of my own by then, too.  Most importantly, I just hope that I can have the same sense of being on the right path that I do now. When I was 20, I didn’t think 30 would look like this, but I know it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be.  

9. What are some of your pet peeves as a writer and a connoisseur of quality literature?

This could take a while! I am chock full of pet peeves when it comes to writing. Grammar and punctuation are the obvious ones that probably bother (nearly) everyone. One of the most irritating things to me is when the incorrect use of a word or phrase becomes accepted. For example, no matter how many people say it, “bi-weekly” will never mean every other week. Literally means literally. Literally. Things like that drive me crazy!      

One last gun pic...just because we can.

As for writing style, I am a big fan of showing rather than telling in prose. Why use exposition when you can show me through the story? 

10. We’ve spoken on Skype, emailed and communicated through various channels, but we haven’t yet met. Thus, the final question: How would your friends describe your strengths and weaknesses?

For this one, I had to resist being evasive, as it is really hard for me to talk about ME in such depth.  So, to pass the buck, I e-mailed my best friends to ask what they thought. 

The common themes in strengths were: Resourcefulness, inner strength, loyalty, and the ability to change course when life throws me a curveball. I go for what I want even if it means taking a risk. I’m genuine and don’t take myself too seriously.

Weaknesses: Apparently, my friends have been waiting for a chance to tell me that I am too nice and loyal to a fault, because every one of them had the same answer. As those seem like fairly innocuous weaknesses, I’ll assume they were just being kind.


One thought on “Twitter Personality of the Week #41: 10 Questions for Amelia Hamilton (@Gadsdenista)

  1. This is an amazing idea and an amazing book. (available here btw: I met Amelia on Twitter and saw not only the excellence in this particular project – but the first drop in the desert to attract our young people to conservative ideas NOW. “Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it”


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